Hello Neighbor - Curiosity Trapped a Cat in the Dungeon

February 9, 2019
Hello Neighbor - Curiosity Trapped a Cat in the Dungeon
Image source: Hello Neighbor

Did you ever wonder as a kid what your neighbors were up to? Did you spy on them through the binoculars wondering when are they going to do something nasty like you’ve seen in the movies? Well, if your neighborhood was as boring as any other suburban area, in this game you get a neighbor that is suspicious enough to sneak around his house.

After Hello Neighbor was released for PC, Xbox One, and Switch, this first-person stealth game came out for Android and iOS as well, which is the platform that I tried it on. For a game with such colorful graphics, this neighbor’s house can be a pretty scary place.

Image source: Hello Neighbor Apps on Google Play

The game starts with you playing peacefully on the street with your ball until you get a glimpse of your neighbor stuffing something behind a door and locking it up. He must be some kind of a psycho killer hiding a body, so why wouldn’t you, a little, curious guy, get inside his house and snoop around? What’s the worst that can happen, right?

Controls are quite simple, you have a control stick on the left to walk and run in any direction, and buttons on the right for certain actions. Although they successfully adapted them for the mobile platform, I found it pretty hard to control your speed of movement. I continuously ran into things and sneaking was next to impossible with the neighbor constantly being on your tail.

Image source: Hello Neighbor Apps on Google Play

At first, being caught was scary and nerve-racking, with this man with mustache throwing tomatoes and water balloons at you and leaving traps all around the place. Later, it just became annoying and nerve-racking.

With the game not letting you on many details in the beginning, you’re left to wander around in search for any clue to what you might need to do next. You get to the locked doors, the trunk of the car, ladders behind the bolted fence, and from there you can assume that you need to find a key, a wrench, or any other object needed to continue further.

Image source: Hello Neighbor Apps on Google Play

While some of the puzzles are pretty creative, like pulling a lockpick hanging on the wall through the storage room window with a magnet, others can be completely illogical, like freezing a pool with a globe. That just made no sense to me.

When I finally got to the basement, I realized that he actually built an underground dungeon and it seemed like he was keeping someone there. The story from that point got interesting for me personally. Seeing the replicas of windows with the paintings of the outside view, fake walls and electric fences really got me wondering what in the hell was this psycho doing here. It was time to get out of there. The fine detail I noticed is that I lost a shoe on the way and the big toe was peaking out of the sock.

Image source: Hello Neighbor Apps on Google Play

Another thing that intrigued me was behind the scene sequences you get to see after you get caught for a couple of times. You need to get to the door to re-enter the game but you see some details about your neighbor's backstory on the way.

You see him angrily fixing his car on one occasion, on the other, you see a hospital bed with a flatline on the monitor and the neighbor desperately waiting outside the room. That made me feel a little compassionate towards him, but then I start the game again and the hating comes right back.

Hello Neighbor is a fine experience if you want to increase your heart rate. I can say I had some fun with it but I think it’s better suitable for a PC. The game has some details that I liked and some that I didn’t really understand, but one thing is for sure, I still hate mustache on people. I can also assure you that GameBuz, PC, Console, and mobile games news site is a friendly neighborhood so give us a visit.