Harmony OS - Huawei Reveals New Operating System

August 9, 2019
Harmony OS - Huawei Reveals New Operating System

Huawei claims that the new operating system can be implemented at any moment in case they can’t use Android anymore.

Ever since Google suspended Huawei’s Android license a lot of rumors started floating of Huawei working on their own OS. Those rumors were confirmed true at today's Huawei Developer Conference, Richard Yu, Consumer Business Group CEO, unveiled the "Harmony OS," which was claimed to be faster and safer than Android.

The new OS is mostly focused on IoT products, not primarily on smartphones, but Yu stated that if at any given moment they can no longer use Android, they are ready to switch to Harmony. Until then, they will continue to support Android.

Harmony OS was announced as a future-proof, "microkernel-based, distributed OS for all scenarios." The platform is open source, and it's actually more of a competitor to Google's upcoming Fuchsia, than Android.

Huawei avoided mentioning smartphones on the slides and press material, probably to avoid upsetting Google, but Yu wasn't did say that there may come a time when his company can no longer support the Android ecosystem. Regardless, developers will be able to port their Android apps over to Harmony OS using Huawei's ARK compiler.

While the exec claimed that Harmony OS is ready, the question is whether all its supposed advantages will win over enough developers and users.