Hand Tracking Is Coming to the Oculus Quest This Week

December 10, 2019
Hand Tracking Is Coming to the Oculus Quest This Week

The previously announced controller-free hand tracking for the Oculus Quest will be coming this week instead of early next year.

The feature was originally announced in September and it enables users to manipulate objects without using a controller. Instead, the Oculus Quest's built-in cameras follow your hands, without any external sensors, and translate the movement of your hands into input.

When the Quest v12 software update lands, the feature will be available in Home interfaces and a few first-party apps including the Oculus Browser and Oculus TV. So don’t expect too much from it for now.

Development will continue in 2020 with updates and features already planned. While the new Quest SDK will also be available to developers next week opening new paths and allowing them to implement the hand-tracking into their apps too.

If you have an Oculus Quest and want to try the new feature, you will have to enable it in the Experimental Features menu once you download the update.