Hamsterdam - Paws of Justice, a Compact Beat-Em-Up

March 21, 2019
Hamsterdam - Paws of Justice, a Compact Beat-Em-Up

Coming from Muse Games, the developers behind Guns of Icarus Online, is Hamsterdam. Hamsterdam is a classic beat ‘em up with a twist of rhythm with quick time events sprinkled over. You play as Pimm, a prodigy of Hamster-Fu, your mission is to stop the evil chinchilla Marlo and his Vermin Gang.

Before I get to the specifics, I will mention that this is an early access demo and that the full game hasn’t been released yet.

Hamsterdam brings together a couple of different concepts and it packs it into a great mobile compatible package.

Pimm is an amazing martial artist (he’s also a hamster, which you could have guessed by now) and he is on a mission to save his grandpa and make the streets safe again. Your goal is to get to the Red Light District and show Marlo your incredible kung-fu skills.

Gameplay wise, it’s simple, yet immersive. You go through different levels in the city fighting the rodents. To attack, you just tap the screen, if you follow the rhythm you charge your power attack faster. To use the power attack, you click it and pull it onto the enemy you want to use it against. You swipe on enemies to switch focus and block them and there are quick time events with different patterns to block and counter their attacks.hamsterdam_grandpa  

There’s obviously boss fights and every boss is a unique fight. You avoid their attacks and throw hamsters at them to damage them or to get an opportunity to throw a couple of punches at them. As the fight progresses they attack faster and faster and near the end, you need pretty good reflexes to stay alive.

Besides the main quest levels, there are also bonus levels where you ride a scooter. The only point to them is to collect seeds to get new clothes. Besides looking cool, some of them also give you new powers and abilities, so they are a great investment.

I’m a sucker for cute things, so I really like the design, but I have a super simple question for the developers. What do you have against chinchillas? They’re adorable.

A small thing that did get on my nerves is the sluggish controls. You could probably guess why, since every time I mention that, it’s the same reason. That’s right, Hamsterdam was made in Unity and like most other games made in it, the controls aren’t as smooth as one would like. This is a problem because you do have quick time events in the game and unresponsive input will piss you off. It’s not that bad and you won’t constantly have issues with it, but it does feel bad when it happens.

In conclusion, it looks like a great game and I really enjoyed the demo and had fun playing it. The controls just need to be ironed out and it’ll be perfect. So, go ahead and get the demo to give it a try before it releases.