Halo: Reach Image of Work in Progress Menu Released

April 5, 2019
Halo: Reach Image of Work in Progress Menu Released

In the latest post on the official website, it has again been confirmed that if things go well, we can expect the flight for Reach on both Xbox and PC to start later this month.

Again, gamers were reminded that they will have to apply for the Insider program if they want to get a chance to join the flight and those that already did register should be patient due to a large number of applications.

It has been pointed out that test flights are not a marketing opportunity, instead, they are a testing ground. The flight release is not the final version, nor demo, not even a beta, it is an alpha at best.

Besides what we already knew, they also posted an image from an in-progress build of The Master Chief Collection on Xbox showing Reach on the campaign list. It is nice to actually see some updates and it makes the upcoming release feel a lot more real.

Image source: Halo official Website