Google’s Stadia Wireless Controller Isn’t Very Wireless

October 17, 2019
Google’s Stadia Wireless Controller Isn’t Very Wireless

The launch of Stadia is just a month away and as it seems, the Stadia wireless controller will require a USB-C cable when being used on PCs or mobile devices.

Back when it was revealed, a huge selling point was that you could seamlessly switch between any device with a screen in your house. You get off the couch, continue on your PC, then go out and play on your phone, all this with a single gamepad in your hands and no hassle with connecting it to each of the devices. All this thanks to the fact that the Stadia controller is directly connected to Stadia’s servers.

Well, it is wireless, just not on all of your devices. Spotted by 9to5Google, Google added a disclaimer to a recent video that it actually won’t work like that on launch. When it launches this feature will only be supported on Chromecast Ultra, while your PC and mobile devices will require the use of a USB-C cable to connect the Stadia gamepad.

The explanation as to why the feature won’t be available on launch is that Google wants to first focus on making the experience on a TV to be as best as it can be. Which is a fair decision to make considering that Stadia is trying to compete with the PlayStation and Xbox.

The $130 Founder’s Edition buyers are probably going to be slightly disappointed to hear the news, but at least it will work on the TV. Stadia launches November 19 in fourteen countries for the Founder’s Edition buyers, while the full release with the free subscription will be in 2020.

Also, to prepare for Stadia, did you check the data cap you have with your ISP recently?