Google to Reveal Launch Details for Stadia on June 6

June 4, 2019
Google to Reveal Launch Details for Stadia on June 6

Google has decided to not wait for E3 and announced the first "Stadia Connect" for June 6 during which they will talk about Stadia’s launch, games and price.

When Google originally announced Stadia, it was hard to pick a side. There is still practically no information on it, nor does anyone know what to expect from it. Stadia Connect will help in forming an opinion on the service.

We can expect to hear the pricing plans and some more games that will make their way to Stadia. Among the games, there will probably be a few exclusive games that will take advantage of some unique capabilities Stadia has, such State Share or the picture-in-picture mode.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, first, we had everyone making their own launchers, now everyone has a game subscription service and in a year or two everyone is going to have their own cloud gaming platform. It has potential and the big players see it as the future, but until we can actually get our hands on it we can’t call it one way or the other.