Google Releases Teaser Video For Their Upcoming Gaming Project

March 13, 2019
Google Releases Teaser Video For Their Upcoming Gaming Project

Google is set to make a huge gaming announcement during the Game Developers Conference next week. They have also released a teaser video for the upcoming project.

Google plans to show us their "vision for the future of gaming" during the event and the video they released may give us some clues. The teaser appears to reference a number of different game genres, including racing, action, fantasy, etc, and in every shot, we can see a door leading to a bright white light. This suggests that Google's new gaming platform would be a place for all of these genres.

Google may also reveal some details about Project Stream, Google’s very own game-streaming platform. Back in 2018, Google partnered with Ubisoft to make Assassin's Creed Odyssey playable in Chrome.

There are also rumors about Google's "Project Yeti," which may or may not be Google’s very own home console.

The company has also hired game industry veteran Jade Raymond as a new vice president. Given her background, it is very likely that she will be helping out with Google's new gaming division, but nothing is officially confirmed.

However, we'll learn more about Google’s ideas and plans for the future every soon at the Game Developer Conference. The event is scheduled for 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on the 19th of March. It will also be streamed live so you can catch it online.