GOG Galaxy 2.0 - One Game Library to Unite Them All

May 27, 2019
GOG Galaxy 2.0 - One Game Library to Unite Them All
Image source: GOG GALAXY 2.0 - GOG.com

CD Projekt Red tends to be a beacon of light in the gaming industry and they continue to be that with a promise to put all your games and stats in one place.

“There are two things that matter to all of us gamers: the games we play and the friends we play them with. But as more titles come with dedicated launchers and clients, our games and gaming buddies become scattered in between them.”

Galaxy 2.0 will allow you to import all of your games, no matter the platform, to a single launcher. Obviously, you won’t be able to launch console games on your PC, but you will have an overview of your stats, achievements, game time and quite importantly, friends.

Something that isn't mentioned is how will you launch a game from, let’s say, the Epic Games Store through it. It is pretty much guaranteed that it will open up EGS in the background and end the process once you exit the game. This is completely expected due to DRM, but it is weirdly worded in the announcement and official site. The wording is like they are trying to avoid saying that you can’t just delete Origin, uPlay, EGS, and the rest from your PC.

That aside, one of the things promised is a cross-platform chat which is interesting, leaderboards, update rollbacks in case a patch messes up your game, customization of the launcher, open-source integrations, and the thing we all worry about, privacy.

The open-source nature sounds like a great thing. They will probably have to vet mods and plugins, but chacnes are that the ones that get through are going to be worth everyone's time.

When it comes to privacy, they will not be going through any data on your PC, nor will they share any of your personal data with third parties. Obviously, there’s a risk involved with having data on their servers, so if you ever feel the need for it, you can, with a single click, remove all of your data from their servers.

CD Projekt Red saw the problem, they noticed what gamers want and in line with that are updating their storefront so it becomes the solution. Personally, I just see it as an overlay that I don't need, I’m more excited about the customization and what people will do with it. What about you, what do you think about it?