GOG Ending Its Fair Price Package to Stay Competitive

February 28, 2019
GOG Ending Its Fair Price Package to Stay Competitive

The digital distributor has announced that the Fair Price Package will be coming to an end on March 31st. The fact that this announcement is coming after reports of financial troubles and layoffs, that were described as internal reorganization, is worrying, to say the least.

The programme was created to balance out regional price differences. In certain regions prices are higher and to make up for it, users from these regions were given in-store credit based on the difference.

In their official announcement, it is mentioned that the price difference can go as high as 37% which is a lot considering that the credits come out of GOGs wallet.

“In actual numbers, on average, we give users back 12% of the game price from our own pocket. In some cases, this number can reach as high as 37%.”

The FPP was cutting into income while at the same time they want to offer developers a larger cut to stay competitive with the Epic Store.

“...at the end of the day we are a store and need to make sure we sell games without a loss.”

With so many bad news in such a short time it’s starting to look like GOG is holding onto its last straws, we can only hope they manage to stay in the game.