Godly Corp – the Omnipotent Intern Simulator Also on Nintendo Switch

April 5, 2019
Godly Corp – the Omnipotent Intern Simulator Also on Nintendo Switch

From April 5 this year the digital distribution of Godly Corp will be available on Nintendo Switch. This is the first game in history that will allow you to become an omnipotent intern. Godly Corp stands out with its gameplay based on controlling tentacles and is full of absurd humor and great unpredictability. Earlier the game was released for PC.

Godly Corp is a non-conventional simulator that allows you to take on the role of an intern in an intergalactic corporation managing the universe. In December 2018, the Polish game by TR8 Torus Studios appeared on the Steam platform (PC/Mac/Linux) and now Ultimate Games S.A. also releases it on Nintendo Switch.

Tentacles and intergalactic internship

The game debuting in Nintendo eShop is one of the most unusual simulators created in recent years. Players can count on numerous surprises and plenty of humorous action. The gameplay itself is based on the control of the mentioned tentacles.

“Godly Corp gives you the ability to fulfill your most secret dreams of power on a very large or more accurately, cosmic scale. It is a chance to complete an internship in an intergalactic corporation managing various planets. The fate of the worlds lays in the hands, or rather the tentacles, of the player”, explains the creator of Godly Corp, Mariusz Świątczak.

There are also unconventional challenges in this game by TR8 Torus Studios. In the course of the game, the player faces things like robots with chainsaws and thieves.

As Mariusz Świątczak explains, each day in this intergalactic corporation there are brand new and surprising challenges, requiring quick responses. Completion of the campaign mode takes on average about 4 hours, but the life of Godly Corp is additionally increased by the degree of randomness.

Main features of Godly Corp:
• tentacles;
• absurd humor;
• heavily diversified levels;
• surprising obligations and challenges;
• crazy multitasking.

The premiere of Godly Corp on Nintendo Switch is scheduled for April 5, 2019.