Gearbox Teases yet Another Game for PAX

March 19, 2019
Gearbox Teases yet Another Game for PAX
Image source: Gearbox official Twitter

Gearbox has already teased what is most probably Borderlands 3 and another game we have no information on, but now they are teasing Bulletstorm II, or Duke Nukem, or both.

The official Gearbox Twitter page posted the image of Ishi and Duke, and nobody has any idea what to expect.


Duke Nukem was featured as a DLC character in Bulletstorm back in 2017, but that still doesn't explain what is going on. Is it a new Bulletstorm, a new Duke Nukem game, both, neither?

We'll have to wait for PAX to get the answers, but a new Duke Nukem game does sound exciting, especially after that one game we don't talk about.