GDC Relief Fund Distributed to Over 170 Developers

June 4, 2020
GDC Relief Fund Distributed to Over 170 Developers

On March 2nd this year, Wings Interactive announced a collaboration with games industry partners worldwide to form the GDC Relief Fund, in response to GDC’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

United in their drive to aid their industry peers,, Google, Facebook Gaming, Oculus, Redbeet Interactive, Landfall Games, Raw Fury, AMD, Nordisk Film Games, Double Fine Productions and many more supported the GDC Relief Fund.

Created to help relieve the financial burden, lost time, and missed opportunities facing affected indie developers, the GDC Relief Fund has seen remarkable and generous support from games industry sponsors, raising a total of $291,311, of which $81,646 came from’s public fundraiser. The GDC Relief Fund, through Wings Interactive, distributed $148,714 so far to 177 applicants, with an average payout of $697.59.

"Ever since the GDC Relief Fund has been set up I couldn't stop telling everyone around me about how the indie game industry is the most we-stick-together and caring community I'm part of. For a studio as tiny as us that couldn't even afford to send more than one person to GDC, having this money go down the sink would have been more dangerous than just a blow." - Julia Jeanneret, Lead Designer at Naraven Games.

Thanks to the sponsors’ overwhelming generosity, the extra funds raised will go towards ELEVATE 2020: GDC Relief Fund Accelerator. This program, run by Code Coven in collaboration with industry partners and subject matter experts, is a 15-week global online incubator for indie game developers impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting cancellations.

ELEVATE will offer development guidance, mentorship, community, events programming and milestone-based stipends for struggling indie game developers, providing them with meaningful progression on their game, business fundamentals and valuable industry connections. This program will help bring to market innovative work that might otherwise lack visibility. Interested developers can learn more about ELEVATE and register on their website.