Games that Dominated in 2018: Best PC Games

December 18, 2018
Games that Dominated in 2018: Best PC Games
Image source: World of Warcraft official website

Let’s face it, even with the controversies concerning EA and Blizzard, we’ve had some amazing titles this year. Single and Multiplayer, MMO, RPG, FPS, no matter what you prefer, there is something for everyone.

If you’re an avid gamer or a casual gamer, if you’ve waited for a list that compiles the absolute creme de la crème of gaming, if you keep asking yourself that same old question:” What is a good game to play on my PC?” you’re at the right place.

We here at GameBuz, have had the pleasure to play through and compile a list of Games for you to try out and use to get your gaming on. I’m not going to keep you waiting any further, so let’s get to it. Here comes a short list of fresh and fun Games that absolutely killed it in 2018!


1. Fortnite

A fan favorite, Fortnite is the most popular, most round up and most fun Battle Royale game of all time. One of the pioneers of the genre, Fortnite has climbed up the corporate ladder and established itself as one of the most successful games ever.

Its success can be attributed to its versatile gameplay consisting of Survival, PVP, and the ever so fun and popular element of terrain manipulation and building. Fortnite is an exciting MMOFPS most popular among younger audiences but has been known to attract an older player base due to it’s fast, dynamic, and fun gameplay.

It’s most popular mode “ battle royale “ has been criticized as a clone of its predecessor PUBG, but has since cleared its name by branching into further territory with constant gameplay updates and further improvements of the gameplay aspects.

Fortnite’s future seems unstoppable and is most definitely a game that is going to hold up due to its timeless graphics and engaging gameplay. It’s a must-have PC game, there is no doubt about it!


2. World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth

If you like to play PC games, you could not have missed the exciting World of Warcraft. Picking up where World Of Warcraft: Legion left off, Battle For Azeroth has been perhaps the most anticipated PC game of 2018.

A well known classic and a fan favorite has seen much positive feedback in recent days due to a seeming end in it’s Burning Legion storyline and the long-awaited progress of the Old Gods storyline. With a very long history, and many “WOW-Killers”, nothing has been able to step near the territory of this MMORPG giant.

With new graphical updates and stat-tuning, BFA saw the return of many players lost in some previous expansions which did not meet player quotas in terms of game quality. Fast and spectacular gameplay, new updates and tunings to classes, BFA promises to be the best expansion since WOTLK, the peak of World Of Warcraft’s popularity.

Addicting gameplay, never before seen technical updates and positive feedback from the fanbase have all lived up to the hype that one of the best RPG games promised to offer.


3. Monster Hunter: World

The biggest and most unexpected PC gaming news of 2018 was the arrival of Monster Hunter World. Originally released for consoles, a couple of months later, this smash hit has got to the PC.

A fun but difficult open world RPG game is always a recipe for success, proven by many of its genre’s colleagues such as the Elder Scrolls franchise. Players like to be given choices and are not required to follow the main storyline. The game is as the title implies, a fun extravaganza about catching many different kinds of monsters.

Inclusive gameplay and dynamic and versatile options make Monster Hunter: World a game you can get lost in pretty easily, but never fail to get your daily dose of interesting gameplay, a laugh or two, and pretty much spend your time in a fun and interesting way.


Those were our top 3 games. Hope you will try at least one of these! Stay tuned to GameBuz, as we are here to deliver Trustworthy PC and Mobile game news, alongside many fun lists, recommendations, and all around information!