GameAnalytics Launches The GameDev Toolbox

May 28, 2020
GameAnalytics Launches The GameDev Toolbox

GameAnalytics, a player analysis platform for mobile games, launched its newest resource - a free to use web directory of service providers - The GameDev Toolbox. The site brings together listings and links to hundreds of different platforms, providers and tools, allowing developers to quickly and easily carry out a search based on categories and keywords.

As well as offering The GameDev Toolbox as a free industry-wide resource, GameAnalytics is already working with featured partners including Adjust, Ogury and TopOn to build deeper integrations with the GameAnalytics platform and make them available via the Toolbox website. Game developers across the globe will be able to get access to exclusive offers, releases and educational content from these partners, all within the Toolbox site.

The GameDev Toolbox is the first resource to bring together information on every major service to help developers find the right companies to optimize, monetize, or localize their games. GameAnalytics is hoping that the site will be an invaluable resource for existing and new developers entering the mobile gaming space - particularly those switching gears due to the impact of COVID 19 on the global games industry.

The days where developers would simply make a game and then launch it via an app store are long gone”, said Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics. “Mobile game developers now use a whole raft of tools and technologies to help them design, build, monetize and market their games, which can be daunting for companies transitioning to mobile from other platforms, or building a mobile game for the first time. With so many different services out there we decided to bring them all together into a central, time-saving tool, freely available to developers everywhere.

The directory has been designed to be easy to navigate and search by category and company name. There is a useful feature which allows developers to send an inquiry to multiple service providers with just a few clicks, with vendors are then able to respond directly - making it a valuable way for vendors to also find new customers. Every company listed on the site is checked to ensure the services and tools they offer are authentic and trustworthy.