Game on With APPTUTTi

October 18, 2019
Game on With APPTUTTi

Mobile gaming is one of the world’s largest creative markets and APPTUTTi, a Cyberport incubated start-up, is at the heart of helping international developers access over 1 billion mobile devices in Mainland China with their 24/7 online portal.

Its latest expansion is the signing of a new partnership with Unity Technologies, the world’s largest game development engine, responsible for 50% of all new mobile games. The initiative sees APPTUTTi become the newest store on the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). The UDP extends coverage beyond the “normal” channels (Apple App Store and Google Play) to third party distributors all over the world for over 7 million Unity developers and a catalog of over 500,000 games.

Founded in 2015, APPTUTTi has been on a mission to bridge the gap between international developers and Chinese mobile gamers. It provides developers with:

real-time performance and monetization data;
free access to three major app stores in China;
local monetization options such as in-app purchasing (IAP) and advertising;
a free SuperSDK that provides the resources necessary to localize apps for the Chinese market;
and other services such as translation and IP registration.

APPTUTTi has already raised US$2 million for expansion and is now looking to grow its operations into the likes of Japan and Korea. One of the reasons for its resounding success is its long-term partnership with Cyberport. CEO Donald Tang explains:

“Cyberport has been playing a very important role in our start-up journey. Not solely on the facilities support at a very low cost, but it also provided us with many networking referrals which have been valuable in educating and training us to react to different challenges.”