Game of Thrones Characters and Their Video Game Counterparts

May 11, 2019
Game of Thrones Characters and Their Video Game Counterparts
Image source: Game of Thrones - HBO

Everyone at GameBuz is a pretty big fan of Game of Thrones, so the developers, designers, and writers came together to compare characters from their favorite show and favorite games.


Arya Stark - Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored and Dishonored 2)


Keeping in mind the end of episode three, I feel like starting with Arya is a pretty good choice. Both ladies trained from a young age and come from a powerful family which they quickly lose. After the death of their family members they get kidnapped, they escape and are then forced to run and hide. Along the way, both become amazing assassins and later on steal the show and become the main focus of the story.


Night King - Lich King (World of Warcraft)


Next up we have the barely alive icey kings. The Night King and Lich King were both people turned into weapons (To be fair, the Lich King was first made from the soul of an orc) to be used in a big war which obviously later backfired.

They lead an army of the undead (The Scourge and The army of the dead) which is considered unstoppable and the only chance to defeat it is to kill the king. Recognizing the danger that the undead poses, different factions come together and after a hard fought battle manage to defeat the king with the use of a unique weapon.

The biggest difference is that the defeat of the Lich King was actually satisfying.


Bran Stark - Barbara Gordon (Batman)


Both of these characters possess great skills that allow them to get needed information which they later convey to the hero. They are children of respected and honorable men and became paralyzed due to their spine being damaged in one way or another after an incident with a villain. We don’t really see them often and they chill in their wheelchairs until they are needed, but it wouldn’t be the same without them.


High Sparrow - Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5)


Time for religious fanaticism, you start as a humble man, you indulge in sin, then you have a change of heart and decide your God is telling you to protect the weak and poor from the rich and their carelessness.

Their stories don’t match perfectly but both have presumably led very normal lives before leading a cult. The High Sparrow began mimicking nobility until he woke up one day ashamed of what he became and Joseph has tattoos of sins which show that he also wasn’t quite perfect before forming his cult.

The High Sparrows death also resonates with the ending of Far Cry 5, with the major difference being that Joseph Seed survives.


Bronn - Zaeed Massani (Mass Effect 2 and 3)


There are two types of assassins, ones that kill for a cause and those that kill for gold (or credits). Since we talked about the ones that have a cause, it’s time for the cut-throats.

Zaeed and Bronn are both very well known for their mercenary work and their loyalty goes to the highest bidder. Interestingly, both have a thing going on with their face, except that Zaeeds face is scarred from a gunshot wound to the head, while Bronn just had his nose broken repeatedly. Besides that, both are sarcastic, have a dark sense of humor and are ready to kill anyone for the right price.


Sandor Clegane - Big Daddy (BioShock)


Watching the Hound through the seasons is pretty much the exact process of becoming a Big Daddy.

Criminals, criminally insane and generally problematic people were turned into Big Daddies. Those who get turned into Big Daddies are conditioned into a bond with Little Sisters, after which they feel a need to protect them.

The Hound is mostly cold and a good portion of his communication with others is grunts, so he’s already halfway there.

He is seen as an extremely aggressive and brutal person, yet he shows some affection towards Sansa and Arya. As time goes on, he begins to care about Arya and multiple times goes out of his way to protect her.


Honorable mentions

I personally didn't see too much resemblance in traits or stories between the following characters, so they are based mostly on physical likeness.

Ygritte and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, they are probably the most similar among the honorable mentions.

Robert Baratheon and Tywin Lannister have a striking resemblance to Phillip Strenger (The Bloody Baron) and Emhyr var Emreis from The Witcher 3, respectively.

Tyrion Lannister and Claptrap from Borderlands, when I asked why are they similar the only answer was "They're short and I find both of them funny".

Ser Brienne Tarth and Lydia from Skyrim, both wear heavy armor and have sworn an oath to protect their lord or lady. Since Lydia has a very low sneak skill, she can't go unseen, so that's pretty close too.

• Finally, Ghost and Sif (Dark Souls) or the dog from Fable II. Both of these dogs share similarities with Ghost, but realistcally we just wanted to give Ghost some love since Jon didn't.

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