G2A Partners With Genesis for New Physical Products

June 8, 2020
G2A Partners With Genesis for New Physical Products

For a long time G2A.COM has focused on digital products. Then, just over a year ago, the platform made the leap to providing its clients with physical products, such as gaming hardware and gadgets.

"Our aim is to be the one-stop platform for gamers and geeks. We want to give gamers access to all the latest games and gadgets they need for their hobby and passion," said Bartłomiej Woźniak, G2A.COM's Gaming Category Manager. "This means offering not only games, but also high-quality accessories at the lowest prices possible. Genesis offers an excellent range of electronics, and we are pleased to add their products to the ever growing assortment available on G2A.COM."

"We have been a part of gamers' lives for a while now and we want to cater to their needs as much as we can," said Dominik Piętka, Head of Marketing of Genesis. "The strength of our brand is rooted in high-quality electronics, combined with an exceptional customer base. Our clients give immense value to our company. I'm excited to partner with G2A.COM. This will make us even one step closer to the gaming community," he added.

G2A and Genesis also plan to create an exclusive line of accessories designed only for G2A.COM users.