'Fresh Prince' Star Sues Fortnite Makers over 'Carlton Dance'

December 17, 2018
'Fresh Prince' Star Sues Fortnite Makers over 'Carlton Dance'

Alfonso Ribeiro, star of the legendary series 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' is suing Epic Games over popular emote of his famous 'The Carlton' dance in Fortnite. According to Guardian, Riberio demands makers of the game to stop using his signature moves because they used his dance without permission or credit.

The main problem is that, even though the game has a free mode, people are still spending money on V-bucks for purchasing outfits, pets and emotes, such as emote dance 'Fresh', recognized by the community as 'Carlton Dance'. That being said, Ribeiro also wants his part of the profit which Epic Games gained by using his intellectual property.

On the other hand, Ribeiro stated that he is currently in the middle of copyrighting the dance. As the legal ownership over dance moves is usually difficult to determine, complaints of someone officially stealing a dance move resides mostly on copyright claims.

'The Carlton' dance Ribeiro created in 1991 and he keeps performing it for the fans. He included this dance even in his performance in 'Dancing with the stars' in 2014.

Earlier this month, rapper 2 Milly sued the company for using his moves, explaining that 'Swipe It' emote dance is exactly the same to his 'Milly Rock' dance. Rapper stated that 'Milly Rock' is his craft: "It's my signature move, it is me. I perform it at every show I've ever had, you know what I'm saying?" The rapper is accusing Epic Games of having a pattern of exploiting African-American talent in particular in Fortnite by copying their dances and movements.

Epic Games still haven't gone public with their opinion on the matter.