Fortnite Update Brings New Vehicle Changes Vending Machines

March 12, 2019
Fortnite Update Brings New Vehicle Changes Vending Machines

The patch notes are out and these are the biggest and most significant changes made. For the full patch notes, you can visit the official site.

The Baller

"Keep the good times rolling! Combine your boost and grapple to perform unbelievable feats with the newest vehicle addition to Battle Royale!"

The Baller is a new vehicle that will be spawning at Expedition Outposts and pirate camp loot stashes. It has a grappler attached to it and boosters, the glass dome protects the driver, but the vehicle itself has 300HP.

Vending Machines

"These convenient machines now dispense things free of charge but only provide one item/weapon before disappearing."

Vending Machines no longer cost material, but they will dispense one item after which they are destroyed. Common and uncommon variants will not spawn anymore and Mounted Turret has been removed from the legendary variant.

New Islands & Theme

"Jump into two new exotic island locations! Build your best beach retreat with the new Wooden Lodge theme while enjoying a perfect, volcanic tropical view."

The Sandbar Island and Volcano Island have been added, both 105 tiles square in size. Besides that, player islands per server have been reduced from 16 to 8, to allow for larger islands and increase stability.

New Game Options

"Offense or defense? We’ve added new game rule options that allow you to further customize team settings and setup advanced PvP games."

One of the added things are scoring and objectives, both used to specify winning conditions.

Staredown Southie

"Get caught in the Bear Stare! Laser down the Husks with this returning Outlander."

Staredown Southie and Four Leaf Wildcat are making a return, Bear stare and Grenade Generation respectively.

Beta Storms

"Speed is key! Take on the new Test the Limits Beta Storm."

Retrive the Data Beta Storm is also making a return, this time players can vote to shoot down the ballon early instead of waiting for it to land. Be careful though, the storm will rush in faster if you do.