Fortnite Selling a Skin from a Previously Exclusive Bundle

March 5, 2019
Fortnite Selling a Skin from a Previously Exclusive Bundle
Image source: Fortnite official Twitter page

Some players are unhappy due to the fact that a skin previously marketed as exclusive has shown up in the in-game store.

The Counter Attack set, containing a glider, pickaxe, male and female version of the skin, has shown up in the store. This wouldn’t be anything newsworthy if it weren't for the fact that the male skin, Reflex, and extra gear were an exclusive featured back in December.

The skin was a part of an exclusive bundle paired with select NVIDIA cards. Players that bought one of the not so cheap graphics cards received the skin, pickaxe, glider, and 2000 V-Bucks.

Players that bought the cards for these unique cosmetics are now mad that their rare gear, isn’t actually rare and that anyone can buy it, a lot cheaper.

This is where the fine print comes into play. It wasn’t the skin that was marketed as exclusive, but the bundle. On the NVIDIA site, there is no mention of it being exclusive at all.

Most players aren’t fazed by it and a few people that have bought the bundle are asking for an alternate look to make it distinguishable from the one now available in the store.

Epic Games and Fortnite are definitely having some PR issues in the past couple of weeks. Lawsuits, game-breaking bugs, another lawsuit, more lawsuits and even more lawsuits, the list of controversies is just getting longer and longer.