Fortnite Drops the Ban Hammer on World Cup Cheaters

April 22, 2019
Fortnite Drops the Ban Hammer on World Cup Cheaters
Image source: Epic Games website

Where there is competition there is cheating, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that during the Fortnite World Cup there were players caught cheating. Epic came out with a statement on exactly how many players had actions taken against them and why.

1163 accounts were found playing in different regions and as such have been banned from competitive play for a 2 week period. Among them were 196 prize winners which had to forfeit their prizes.

48 accounts have been banned for a 2 week period for account sharing, of which nine will be losing won prizes.

Eight were banned due to teaming and one will be forfeiting prizes won.

One account received a permanent ban for using cheat software during the Semi-Finals. He managed to play for an incredible five minutes before receiving the ban.

One account received a 72 hours suspension from competitive gameplay for intentionally disconnecting to avoid giving points to another player. It is noted that this is currently a manual process based on reports, but a system is being made to combat intentional disconnections.

This comes out as a warning and reminder to keep it clean to everyone who has intents of cheating during the rest of the tournament.

If Epic is to have any chance of getting a grip on esports, the World Cup will have to pass smoothly and without any incidents of cheating.