Fortnite Black Helicopters - a Conspiracy in the Making

March 18, 2019
Fortnite Black Helicopters - a Conspiracy in the Making
Image source: Reddit - r/FortNiteBR

In the past couple of days, a black helicopter was noticed jumping from spot to spot on the map. It seems to be based on the UH-1 “Huey”, and it doesn’t look like it has any weapons or too much space for passengers. What it does have is a telescope, does that ring any bells?

There are two possible theories behind the black helicopter. The first one is that we will see a return of aliens and some more information around rifts and who or what is behind everything. Since all the wacky stuff with Enforcers, Rifts and Zombies started way back with a comet, almost, destroying Tilted Towers. Back then, there were lots of locations with telescopes where someone was keeping a close eye on what was happening. So, what does the black helicopter have to do with that?

Black helicopters are designed to be stealthy and are used in top-secret missions. Because of that, they are connected to a lot of conspiracy theories involving the CIA and aliens due to their nature. It’s possible that Fortnite’s Black Heli is referencing exactly that as a teaser for the next season.

The other possibility goes a lot better with the current jungle theme. The Huey, which the in-game model is based on, was first deployed in the Vietnam war. Maybe the trees are learning Vietnamese as we speak and we will see some jungle fighting events, booby traps and napalam added to the game.