Fortnite Audio Bugs Getting Fixed with the Help of Players

April 16, 2019
Fortnite Audio Bugs Getting Fixed with the Help of Players

Fortnite had problems with audio bugs and glitches as far as one can remember. There are many variables that make fixing these issues difficult, so Epic is asking their player base for help.

Directional audio is a big thing in shooters, the more competitive the game is the more important it is for the audio to be spot on. Unfortunately, the directional audio in Fortnite is off by quite a bit.

Epic has previously tried to iron out those issues, but it is difficult to track them. The player has to be on a specific material, at the specific spot in a specific time, with a specific weapon, and you get the idea. It’s difficult to recreate the conditions at which the glitch occurs and as such, it is even harder to fix it.

That is where you as the player come in. Epic has released the replay files of the Fortnite World Cup qualifier for Week 1 and they need help with combing through a large amount of data.

You can watch the replays and send in a bug report to help identify and fix the audio glitches and bugs. The upcoming patch will break the replays, but Epic will probably continue releasing new replays week after week in an effort to fix the audio issues before pro-players get angry again.

If you're interested in what exactly the problem is, you can head over to Reddit where user Jeusto demonstrated a part of the issue and shared a way to fix it. If you want to see a more extreme situation, user supRAS99 shared what happened to him.