Former Riot and Valve Developers Form New Studio - Stray Bombay

March 19, 2019
Former Riot and Valve Developers Form New Studio - Stray Bombay
Image source: Stray Bombay official Website

Chet Faliszek and Kimberly Voll, former Valve and Riot developers, respectively have announced a brand new game studio - Stray Bombay.

The main focus of the studio will be making memorable co-op games with great replay value.

Some of the motivation behind the studio comes from an anecdote which Faliszek shared, in which he received an email from a soldier in Iraq thanking him for saving his marriage.

"After the release of Left 4 Dead, I received an email that changed forever how I think about making games. It was from a soldier stationed in Iraq who said L4D had saved his marriage. It was simple - he and his wife missed each other and talking on the phone just made them realize this more and feel even more miserable. But jumping into a game of L4D let them forget that and just exist in the moment. They could spend time in each other's company as if they were sitting next to each other on the couch at home. That is powerful and something only the shared experience of games can bring."

They hope to create more experiences like that and to really focus on the social aspect of gaming.

They already have support from Riot Games and Upfront Ventures on this new journey. As a new studio, they do have open positions which you can check out on their official website. For the gamers, the first project is in the works, and it will be a first-person co-op experience. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything to see beyond that, but you can sign-up for the newsletter to stay up to date.