Flappy Fighter - A Superb Celebration of The Fighting Game Genre

June 1, 2019
Flappy Fighter - A Superb Celebration of The Fighting Game Genre
Image source: Flappy Fighter on the App Store

I remember being a kid and turning on my PlayStation to play TEKKEN 3, in less than 2 minutes, I was already in a match. There weren't any internet connections needed, no game installs, or DLC’s to be purchased, it was just… the game.

This feeling of immediacy is what I really enjoy about Flappy Fighter. Flappy Fighter is a mobile fighting game for iOS and it’s basically everything we loved about the classic 90s fighting games and beat 'em ups. And as soon as the game is on your phone, you're locked into the action.

Image source: Flappy Fighter on the App Store

This game is VERY solid. For someone like myself who gets a bit irritated by playing games on such a tiny screen, Flappy Fighter proves to be a really awesome game for phones or tablets. What I love most about this fighting game is that it so clearly celebrates its flashy and nostalgic source material.

Of course, all fighting games in some way are derivatives from the OG that is Street Fighter II. But this game isn't just some Street Fighter II derivative. Since it's a mobile game, it's all the flash, aesthetic, color, mood, and euphoric excitement that made many of us fall in love with games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996) or Marvel vs. Capcom (1998) and the best part is… all this action fits right in your pocket. This game truly looks and feels like mobile fighting games perfected.

The game has very simple, but gratifying controls, it's very big on fighting game basics: footsies, properly timed anti-airs, satisfying combos, etc. Plus, the aesthetic and full-color palette of the original X Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom series. The colors are bright, the lights are electrifying, and making the special moves is just so much fun. You'll find yourself putting in extra time in the training mode to master your combos (Yes, there is an actual training mode).

Image source: Flappy Fighter on the App Store

I would love to see more fighting games on consoles reflect what this mobile game is doing in terms of design and aesthetic.

Developers! Give us color, give us hand-drawn and two-dimensional sprites, give us a jolting high-speed turbo mode! Give us something that will make kids fall in love with the fighting games again.

I think we can all hope that fighting games in the future will take note of Flappy Fighter, not only as a way to make fighting games simple and accessible but to showcase a design approach that celebrates what makes these games special in the first place.

So what are you waiting for? Dramatic and exciting combos await.

Flappy Fighter is now available for iOS devices.