Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch Delayed, New Date Set

January 14, 2020
Final Fantasy VII Remake Launch Delayed, New Date Set

Final Fantasy VII Remake was scheduled to be released on March 3 for PlayStation 4. However, Square Enix has announced that the release is delayed and that the new global release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake is April 10.

We know that so many of you are looking forward to the release of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE and have been waiting patiently to experience what we have been working on. In order to ensure we deliver a game that is in-line with our vision, and the quality that our fans who have been waiting for deserve, we have decided to move the release date to April 10, 2020,” said Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake on Square Enix's official website.

He added that they made this difficult decision so as to have a bit more time to apply the final touch to the game and make it the best possible experience for players. He apologized on behalf of the entire team and thanked everyone for their support and patience.

So, if nothing goes wrong, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available for PlayStation 4 on April 10.