Final Content Update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Out Now

April 29, 2020
Final Content Update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is Out Now

Electronic Arts has announced that the final free content update called The Battle on Scarif for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is available starting today.

So, after more than 2 years and 25 free content updates, the game is said to be complete now. The Battle on Scarif is inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

On April 29, we’re bringing the Age of Rebellion to Supremacy and Instant Action, introducing the high-agency battles on Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Death Star II, and – the highly requested location from Star Wars Battlefront (2015) inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – the tropical world of Scarif,” says Dennis Brännvall, Creative Director, in an official post about this update.

In addition, the update is adding Scarif and Crait planets to the Heroes vs Villains game mode, and the MC85 Star Cruiser, First Order Star Destroyer, and Scarif will be added to Co-Op.

Also, the co-op mode will be now available offline. Players will be able to play with and against AIs on all Co-Op enabled locations. This will be a new option in Instant Action.

Moreover, all players will get three new skins inspired by the concluding chapter of the Skywalker saga: Rey with her yellow lightsaber, Kylo Ren wearing his reforged mask, and Emperor Palpatine with his latest, menacing set of robes.

Also, if players defeat 5,000 enemies as Darth Maul, who is now moving around with a pair of mechanical legs, they will get his Old Master skin.

Finally, it is said that there will be no more content updates but that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will still be supported with in-game challenges and recurring events.