Far Cry: New Dawn Brings a Blast From the Franchise’s Past

March 11, 2019
Far Cry: New Dawn Brings a Blast From the Franchise’s Past
Image source: Far Cry: New Dawn Steam page

Far Cry: New Dawn is the latest installment and is the first ever direct sequel of the Far Cry franchise. It takes place after the nuclear ending of Far Cry 5 and with a post-apocalyptic world, things are bound to get a bit weird. Strange creatures roam the world, like deer with bright pink antlers and glow-in-the-dark critters. But there’s another weird thing that calls back to the original Far Cry for the XBOX back in the day.

Just a little disclaimer, there are spoilers ahead. You have been warned. So in Far Cry: New Dawn players eventually find their way to Joseph Seed. He is in possession of a weird tree that gives people superpowers if they eat the fruit. Powers include invisibility and double jump just to name a few.

This is kind of a callback to Far Cry Instincts which was a modified port of the original. It replaced the huge maps found in the original PC version with more linear levels and also changed the story to include superhuman abilities called Feral Powers.

We’ve seen power boosts in previous installments but they were just that, boosts. They were temporary and didn’t change the gameplay that much whereas the powers in Far Cry: New Dawn are permanent. Some might argue that these powers make the player too strong but they offer new gameplay styles and make the player feel empowered.