Fanattik Signs Gifts and Collectibles License with Bethesda

April 8, 2019
Fanattik Signs Gifts and Collectibles License with Bethesda

Fanattik today announced that they have signed a gifts and collectibles licensing agreement with Bethesda Softworks.

Bethesda is a video game publisher with brands that are in perfect sync with our company philosophy, we both strive to create product that passionate fans will enjoy.” – Anthony Mark, Chief Fanattik.

Fanattik have great products planned, both in-line with our upcoming releases and for our evergreen brands throughout the year. We are looking forward to working together to bring these items to fans of Bethesda”, David Evans, Senior European Licensing & Merchandise Manager.

Fanattik will not only create gift product surrounding new game releases such as DOOM Eternal, but will be focusing on the classic titles that have a multi-generational fan base who are searching for that special product to add to their collections.

The store page for Bethesda is online and it is waiting for the first product.

Image source: Fanattik Website