Everything We Know About Metro Exodus So Far

January 11, 2019
Everything We Know About Metro Exodus So Far
Image source: 4A Games

Since Metro Exodus, newest installment in Metro series developed by 4A Games, was announced at Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2017, everyone got excited to dive into the dark tunnels of Moscow’s Metro again. The game was scheduled to be released on 15 February 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

This first-person shooter video game is set in post-apocalyptic Russia, devastated by a nuclear war. The events in Metro Exodus take place in 2036, 2 years after the “Redemption” ending of Metro: Last Light.

Once again, players can take the role of Artyom and take with him the journey through a wasteland filled with mutants and hostile humans. It was also revealed in the first gameplay trailer that Anna will join us with a key role.


The world of Metro, or what’s left of it

Image source: Metro Exodus

Accompanied by the group of Spartan Rangers, and his wife Anna, Artyom is fleeing Moscow in search for a better place to live. They travel around the Volga River to get a ride on a locomotive called ”Aurora”, and head to the east.

Image source: Metro Exodus

The storyline will take place over the course of one year, beginning with cold nuclear winter in the metro. Metro Exodus will have a dynamic weather system with environment changing along with the four seasons and a day-night cycle.

Unlike the two previous games, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light where levels are mostly linear, Metro Exodus is going to have an open world. There are still going to be some linear objectives but you will be able to explore the world. The wreckage of the world will be more visible as well, collapsed buildings and piles of scrap metal that once used to be vehicles.


Guns, guns, guns!

Image source: Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is bringing you more opportunities to customize your weapons than you had in two previous games. You will get countless new attachments that can completely redesign your weapons at workbenches.

Considering all the mutated beasts you’ll run into this nuclear wasteland, it is crucial that you make good use of the customization system if you want to survive. You should also pay attention to the maintenance of your weapons as they will start to jam or malfunction if they are not properly cared for.

All of the weapon choices that are revealed so far are Bulldof, Valve, Bastard Gun, Shambler Shotgun, Helsing Crossbow, A-Shot, Kalash, Tikhar and Revolver. Also, weapons can now be holstered in order to boost your running speed and to demonstrate your peaceful intentions to strangers.


New season - New threats

Image source: Metro Exodus

As the seasons change, so will your enemies. In winter you’ll be introduced to the Hanza faction, now the dominant group of the Moscow Metro, maintaining peace after years of civil war between the fascists of Reich and communists of Redline.

The veil of radiation is everywhere on the surface, so gas masks must be worn at all times when above the ground.

Mutants you will face in the winter season are Watchmen and Demons. The watchmen are most common, roaming every street and tunnel, not very dangerous on their own but you should deal with them quietly before they call for reinforcements.  The demon, in the other hand, is known to Metro residents as the deadliest creature around, it can fly, grab humans from the ground and drop them to their deaths.

Image source: Metro Exodus

After winter comes the spring bringing new life, but in the world of Metro, that means more things that can kill you.

We can come across two factions in the spring, Fanatics, and Bandits. Fanatics believe that rejection of all technology will bring salvation to the people, and have started worshiping a powerful beast that lurks beneath the water. Bandits, pretty self-explanatory, are merciless gangs robbing locals of anything of value.

As if radiation wasn’t enough, now we have anomalies, blue spheres of electric energy dangerous for everyone who comes too close.

Mutants making their appearance in spring season are Shrimp and Humanimals. Shrimp seems to have evolved so it’s not food anymore, but a huge monster spitting corrosive mucus. Humanimals are anthropoid creatures that usually travel in packs and have learned to throw things at you.

Image source: Metro Exodus

In autumn, new threats come your way. You will run into Children of the Forest, a group of children, stranded at a scout camp when the war started, that have adapted to survive in the wilderness.

Survival is a challenge for you as well since ammunition and other resources are not easy to find.

Although not mutants, Wolves and Bears are certainly more vicious and dangerous creatures that you should stay away from.

Image source: Metro Exodus

We at GameBuz gaming news site wanted to prepare you for the upcoming adventure with information known to us for now. It is not yet revealed how summer will look like, but I can assure you it’s not going to be a walk on the beach.