Everything About ChinaJoy, the Biggest Digital Entertainment Expo

July 27, 2019
Everything About ChinaJoy, the Biggest Digital Entertainment Expo

The largest Gaming and Digital Entertainment Expo ChinaJoy (China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference) will be held traditionally at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 2 to August 5, 2019.

With more than 350 thousand visitors from over 30 countries around the World, this year, ChinaJoy is presenting as exhibitors some of the greatest names in the Entertainment Industry, such as Tencent, Sony, UBISOFT, Microsoft, NVIDIA and many others.

ChinaJoy is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry. It showcases online games, console games, web games, hardware products related to digital entertainment, and has engaging programmes for everybody.

ChinaJoy Expo is divided into the B2B area and B2C area.

Business to Customer Area is a comprehensive exhibition area for digital entertainment for the general public, the most popular area amongst game and animation fans at ChinaJoy Expo. It’s the best platform where game companies can directly interact with and conduct demonstrations for game players.

Bringing together brands' corporation, products, technologies and capital, B to B Area provides comprehensive industrial business services and continues to drive extensive communication and partnership between game companies from all the continents. These interactions include exhibitions, online business matching, investments and financing, which highlight ChinaJoy's role in leading and providing growth in the industry.



ChinaJoy is China's yearly gaming trade show filled with booths, electronic displays and flashy presentations held across several halls at the Shanghai New International Expo center. The expo is meant to be an industry trade event for the Chinese game industry, but many game enthusiasts and spectators stand in line each year to see the crazy spectacle of the game presentations and the hundreds of "booth babes" hired to draw attention to gaming companies' wares. ChinaJoy offers a mixture of cosplay (costume play), elaborate displays and new technology.


The China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (ChinaJoy) is sponsored by the General Administration of Press and Publication of P. R. China (GAPP), the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China, General Administration of Sport of P.R. China, the Informatization Office of the State Council of P.R. China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the National Copyright Bureau of P.R. China and Shanghai Municipal Government. It is organized by the China Game Publishers Association, Howell International Trade Fair Limited, and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication. The show is also highly supported by the Ministry of Information Industry of P. R. China (MII), the Ministry of Education of P.R. China, the Communist Youth League of China, China Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation, the Publishers Association of China, China Software Industry Association, Internet Society of China, China Telecom Group. Also, overseas associations such as International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA), Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Korea Game Development & Promotion Institute (KGDI), and Korea Amusement Machine Manufacturers Association (KAMMA) have provided their great support from all aspects.

Following the E3 in U.S. , and the Tokyo Game Show in Japan , ChinaJoy is designed to become another great event of the world's game industry. It is meant to strengthen domestic game supervision in China , actively regulate the Chinese market, and rigorously fight against piracy, in order to encourage and support the development and the sales of legal game products. The Organizing Committee also wants to assist the national government to guide the young people to the healthy use of the electronic and online game products, to encourage the public to fight against piracy, and to promote the sales of good domestic products. Also, we want the world to know more about China through ChinaJoy.


Five major reasons for participating in ChinaJoy Expo

1. To draw focused attention at home and abroad

During the 3-day exhibition period of 2005, ChinaJoy Expo had attracted over 100,000 visitors with the participating companies totaling 156 which came from 10 countries including the United States, Japan, Korea, France, Britain, Russia, Canada, Australia, Iceland and China. There were a total of 1042 journalists from more than 400 domestic and overseas media participating in the spot report of this exhibition, and the professionals in the industry of Digital Interactive Entertainment who visited the expo for business negotiation totaled 13,075. All the trade visitors are came from 16 countries including China, the United States, Japan, Korean, British, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.

2. The optimal business platform for transaction of copyright

The optimal business platform for transaction of copyright There were a total of 289 game titles displayed in 2005 ChinaJoy Expo, among which 30 game titles for PC, 186 for online, 23 for console, 38 for mobile and 4 for website’s entertainment platform ect. Among all the game titles, 225 ones were displayed on sales expansion or for seeking transaction of copyright, exhibits also including 37 Digital Consumer Products, 12 Cartoon/Animation films, and 11 promotion projects for value-added entertainment service in telecommunication business.


3. To evaluate the market value of new game products

Based on the reaction of over 100,000 game fans to the latest games displayed on the expo, game developers will take this opportunity to make a scientific analyses and forecast for players’ recognition of the new game titles, or to improve the game so as to satisfy the players’ needs as much as possible. Additionally, game operating companies will further their knowledge about the market prospect of certain game product according to spot players’ real response to it, so as to minimize the commercial risks in the selection of games and avoid inconsiderate purchase of so-called “game giant.” And now, the most of the game operating companies in China recognize their final judgment in game selecting should be given during ChinaJoy.

4. To provide the most comprehensive conferences programs

Since ChinaJoy undertakes the mission of stimulating the development of digital interactive entertainment industry in China, it has attached great importance to establishment of forums. The organizing committee especially initiated a summit forum of China digital interactive entertainment industry so called China Digital Entertainment Forum and in consideration of the technical issue, it launched a sub-forum called Asia Game Technology Conference, a sub-forum called China Mobile Entertainment Forum, a sub-forum called China Casual Game Development Forum and a special forum for youngster protection and violence control in games. All these conference programs hold specific discussions on industry development, technical exchange, youngster protection, copyright protection, etc. These conferences had a positive and far-reaching impact upon the development of digital interactive entertainment in China and even all over the world.

5. Ways of promotion are not limited to exhibition

Besides on-site exhibition, the three sub-events of ChinaJoy Expo will respectively provide the participating companies with a promotion period of half a year to publicize themselves through diversified and more effective forms and with remarkable effects.


•ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival (Pan-Asia Competition in 2006)
A nationwide high-level Cosplay tournament was successfully conducted in the 2005 ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival, which was the first nationwide Cosplay tournament in China and has aroused intense response at home and abroad. Media throughout the country in the fields of cartoon/animation, game and entertainment/recreation rushed to report this tournament. There were nearly 230 Cosplay communities and game companies and more than 5000 Coser taking part in the tournament, among which 450 Coser thrust themselves into the final for the championships of five awards. This activity, triggering off nationwide response, attracted about 400,000 cartoon/animation fans and game fans all around the country to visit on site according to elementary statistics. In the duration of the tournament which lasted for 4 months, the game image of the contending game companies has drawn extreme attention. Based on the success of 2005, the 2006 ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival will develop into a Pan-Asia Cosplay tournament. The Cosplay performance teams from Japan, Korean, Taiwan province and HKSAR will then contend for the laurels of the five awards in the 2006 ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival.

•ChinaJoy Console Game Tournament (CGT)
After being held successfully in the past two year, the ChinaJoy CGT, as the only nationwide video game contest in China, has brought about tremendous influence in the video game market of China, and has had positive impact upon publicizing and promoting video game products and further enlarging the video game market. Every year SONY and Nintendo actively participate in and strongly support the ChinaJoy CGT, which itself also gave a push to the popularization of new game titles with unexpected effect.

•ChinaJoy Game Award
Every year the ChinaJoy Game Award will come as the most important and eye-catching sub-event of ChinaJoy Expo and has become the major reference index for players to select game to play. The comprehensive and scientific assessment system has given every participant a fair and impartial chance of competition. The assessment covers PC games, online games, video games, mobile games and portable games and will give players the most complete assessment information for selecting game products. Therefore, the ChinaJoy Game Award in every year’s ChinaJoy expo has become an important activity attracting more and more attention from the industry.


Highlights of 2006 ChinaJoy Expo


In response to the active participation of many domestic and overseas cartoon/animation producers (CCTV, Korean Cartoon/Animation Center) on the 2005 Chinajoy site, and with a view to increasing the influence of ChinaJoy Expo in the industry, ChinaJoy is going to launch an exhibition sector for Cartoon / Animation Content from 2006. This will be another theme exhibition sector following that for Digital Consumer Products and ISP section. Furthermore, we will undertake the transaction of copyrights of domestic or overseas cartoon/animation movies/TV programs, enlarge the scope of definition of Digital Interactive Entertainment, enhance the development of cartoon/animation movie/TV program in China, and create more business opportunities for domestic or overseas cartoon/animation movie/TV producers.

In order to further strengthen the entertainment function of ChinaJoy Expo, the exhibition sector for Interactive, Internet, Intellective Toy (abbrev: I3 Toy) will be initiated in ChinaJoy Expo from 2006. The organizing committee will then make arrangements for the internationally renowned manufacturers of high-end toys to display their high-tech toys on site so as to satisfy the entertainment needs of domestic fashionable youth. Meanwhile, the domestic entertainment companies which intend to act as agents for sales of high-end toys will have a chance to set foot in the game-related entertainment industry so as to seek more extensive opportunities of business development.