European Games BizDev Gathering Online Event Announced for May

April 14, 2020
European Games BizDev Gathering Online Event Announced for May

European Games BizDev Gathering, or EGBG, is a two days long online event that will be focused on supporting European game developers during challenging times of the ongoing global crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose is to get them an invaluable opportunity to get their projects in front of investors and publishers from all over the world.

This event is organized by the joint EGDF, RCP and Reboot initiative while supported by some of their key European partners. It will be hosted online from May 13 to 14. MeetToMatch platform is going to be used for pitching and meetings.

With EGDF as an association representing more than 25.000 game developers from more than 2000 studios around Europe, the first edition of EGBG will be completely focused on helping European game developers get as many business opportunities as possible at these difficult times.

For this event, EGBG invites exclusively game developers from Europe and on the other side publishers and investors from all over the world.

The main goal of EGBG is to get all interested European game developers in front of as many as possible publishers and investors from all over the world, to get them an opportunity to pitch their games and get them funded or find the best possible publishing partner for their projects in development.

As the world is currently in the middle of an ongoing pandemic crisis and in almost complete lockdown, by organizing this event, EGDF wants to support its European developer community and help as many game development studios as possible.

More details and registration opening will be available this week on the official website.