Epic Games Will Cover the Refunds for Shenmue 3 Backers

July 3, 2019
Epic Games Will Cover the Refunds for Shenmue 3 Backers

To nobody's surprise, people got mad when they were told they won’t receive Steam keys for Shenmue 3, but to everyone’s surprise, Epic Games wants to help.

Some time ago, the Epic Games Store picked up Shenmue 3, a crowd-funded game which promised Steam keys to backers, as a one year exclusive. The problem is very obvious, isn’t it?

Ys Net, the developers of Shenmue 3, posted an update on the game’s kickstarter page apologizing for the inconvenience. They went on to explain that they tried to honor the promise they made and give Steam keys to backers even though the game isn’t actually releasing on Steam, but due to policies that wasn’t possible.

They did offer a few different solutions to the problem, one being to change from the PC version to the PS4 version (or vice versa), the second being to go with the PC version of Shenmue 3 and receiving a Steam key a year later when it does release on Steam and the third option, to receive a refund.

What makes the refund option so interesting is that Tim Sweeney, Epic Games CEO, announced that Epic Games will cover the costs of refunds for Shenmue 3 and any crowd-funded game they pick up as an exclusive in the future. This way, the developers don’t have to worry about their funding taking a large hit.

We’re used to Epic being the bad guys, but this is actually a really nice move on their side. It shows that they do care about the developers that join them. I guess the dark side does have cookies…

What do you say, too little, too late or is there some hope for the Epic Games Store?