Epic Games to Continue Aggressive Exclusivity Deals

April 4, 2019
Epic Games to Continue Aggressive Exclusivity Deals

It has been exactly two weeks since we’ve been told that the Epic Games Store will stop paying for exclusives on their marketplace and that such a tactic isn’t their long-term plan, well they had a change of heart.

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, took to Twitter to talk about a controversial topic, the aggressive acquisition of exclusives on the Epic Games Store. What he had to say wasn’t received too well and it’s understandable why.

We've had a lot of discussions about this since GDC. Epic is open to continuing to sign funding/exclusivity deals with willing developers and publishers regardless of their previous plans or announcements around Steam.

Tim Sweeney continues to argue that it is up to the developers and publishers to decide if they want to take part in those exclusivity deals and that it is solely their choice and as such Epic will never turn them away just because they already made announcements involving Steam.

This prompted further discussions at Epic, leading to the realization that these calls must be up to developers and publishers, and Epic wouldn’t tell them “no” on account of existing statements made about Steam.

Epic Games continues to defend these deals with a stance that developers always came first and that they are doing it to make the PC marketplaces more competitive. Most people strongly disagree with this stance and have called out Tim Sweeney on the irony and hypocrisy of such moves.

The claims of hypocrisy come from the fact that almost exactly 3 years ago, Tim Sweeney openly attacked Microsoft for trying to turn PC gaming into a closed ecosystem. Yet today, that is exactly what Epic Games is doing, while Microsoft is releasing titles on Steam and bringing Xbox Live to the Switch.

The thing that I feel is incredibly important for the future of the industry is that the PC platform remains open, so that any user without any friction can install applications from any developer,