Epic Games sued over ‘predatory’ Llama loot boxes

March 1, 2019
Epic Games sued over ‘predatory’ Llama loot boxes

Epic Games is being sued again, but this time it is over Llama loot boxes that existed in Fortnite’s original “Save the World” mode. The parent of an underage player in California filed a complaint against Epic Games claiming that players were tricked.

"Rising to the forefront in the multi-billion-dollar video game industry, Epic has perfected a predatory scheme whereby it exploits players, including minors, by inducing them to purchase in-game loot boxes in the pursuit of the best in-game item schematics, heroes, and survivors (collectively, 'loot')", it is stated in the complaint.

The plaintiff claims that there are small chances of Llama loot box dropping a rare item. Lawyers are arguing this statement because it is not clear how the plaintiff knows the odds are low if Epic doesn’t reveal those rates.

There has been some controversy surrounding loot boxes for a while now on account of them closely resembling gambling. Although, loot box laws might change in the US - The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans to host a public workshop regarding the loot box problem.

Epic Games doesn't have loot boxes in Fortnite Battle Royale mode. They only existed in Fortnite’s original “Save the World” co-op mode.


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