Eipix Entertainment Going Indie with 4 New Titles

February 18, 2019
Eipix Entertainment Going Indie with 4 New Titles

Eipix Entertainment, a game development company that specializes in narrative point'n'click adventures, took a plunge into the unknown with four titles in a wildly new direction. They revealed 4 games on the Steam Store: Lightstep Chronicles, Walk the Fort, Refoil, and Going Medieval.

In the interview GameBuz had with Eipix Entertainment, that will be published tomorrow on our website, Zoran Milanko, COO of the company confirmed: "We'll try to switch our vision more to Indie kinds of games because we don't want to be 'Eipix HOPA developer', we want to be 'Eipix Indie developer' or 'Eipix HOPA/Indie developer".

Lightstep Chronicles

Most is known about Lightstep Chronicles, the dark sci-fi text-based adventure coming out this Spring. It is based on Lightstep, the beautifully-illustrated space opera series published by Dark Horse Comics. The game shares the time-warping setting of the comic book, but it tells a different story: the player is kidnapped by an abandoned alien ship, and has to negotiate for his life and safety with the ship's host AI, a manic creature at war with itself.

"Despite being promoted as a text-based adventure, Lightstep Chronicles plays out in a highly-visual setting inspired by the futuristic Art Deco world of the comic book", Eipix explained.

Walk the Fort

Walk the Fort is a cartoonish shoot' em up arcade crossed with a tower defense game. The player straps an arsenal of weapons onto a living fortress and has it walk into, through, and all over waves of evil invaders. This curious spin on the tower defense genre lets the player experience battle from a gargantuan walking defender, weapon upgrades, crunchy melee and all.

Walk the Fort is backed by a distinct visual style and original synth soundtrack that both feel charming and quirky.



The popularity of the metroidvania rogue-lites is peaking, and Refoil is Eipix' timely contender. This game has all the elements that make the genre so appealing – an ever-changing platformer labyrinth of increasingly difficult challenges. Moreover, Refoil will be released in Early Access, meaning that players will be able to participate in the game's further development with their feedback.

Going Medieval

Finally, there is another game prepared for an Early Access release – Going Medieval. This realistic medieval sandbox colony sim lets you guide a group of survivors in a disease-stricken world and protect them from outlaws, barbarians, and the folly of their ways.

"In Going Medieval, the goal is to survive, build, prioritize, and progress, and the game really makes an effort to simulate realistic medieval building and crafting technologies", said the developer.