Effie Is Now Available on Steam and the Humble Store

January 28, 2020
Effie Is Now Available on Steam and the Humble Store

Effie, developed by Inverge Studios, has officially released on PC on Steam and the Humble Store with a special discount.

Effie is a 3D platformer title that tells the adventures of Galand, a man equipped with a powerful magic shield who has been cursed with premature old age. On his journey, Galand will have to find a way to break his curse, fighting powerful enemies and exploring a vast red world of fantasy.

One of the best attributes of this title is the magic shield that accompanies Galand in his quest. It provides special abilities to its bearer and will allow Galand to acquire new skills during his journey. It also allows him to surf at great speed through the vast world of Oblena.

This peculiar world of Oblena, with its unusual red vegetation, is completely invaded by evil creatures. In the shadows, a powerful witch is the cause of all this evil. Therefore, Galand will have to face numerous challenges, fight with a large number of enemies, solve various puzzles and, in the meantime, recover his lost youth.

Effie has already received several recognitions, among them, it’s supported by the PlayStation Spain Talents initiative, which provides a boost to promising video game studios under the PlayStation brand.

It also got a 91% approval among the Square Enix community through a Square Enix Collective campaign in 2018.

Effie is now available digitally on Steam and Humble Bundle with a price of $19.99, but during the first week it's $16,99.

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