Earthbound Games Announces Steam Early Access Release Date for Axiom Soccer

April 3, 2019
Earthbound Games Announces Steam Early Access Release Date for Axiom Soccer

Axiom Soccer is Earthbound Games’ big entry into the online sports arena genre and combines already loved action elements from games such as Rocket League and FIFA with fun shooting mechanics more familiar to players of shooter games.

The “Rocket League with guns” influences may look reassuringly familiar at a glance, but anyone who plays Axiom Soccer quickly discovers just how unique it feels.


In Axiom Soccer players pass, dribble and shoot their way to victory on the pitch by skilful piloting of their projectile-firing drone. Fast paced third-person shooter action and football tactics combine with on-pitch obstacles and player-controlled goal keepers to keep you scoring, winning and moving up the leagues!

Axiom Soccer supports competitive and collaborative play both offline and online and can be played against either AI opponents or up to 5 other players. Later in Early Access the game will also be breaking new ground with its use of interactive crowd features to let players play in front of a live, virtual, in-game crowd watching on live streams. Whether it’s next-goal-wins, sudden-death or the dreaded penalty shootout, Axiom Soccer delivers the ultimate in nerve-wracking tension.

After completing the Closed-Beta phase, Axiom Soccer goes live on Steam in Early Access. Players will be able to play for free on Steam Early Access from 11th April 2019 and Earthbound Games will be adding purchasable content to the game via constant updates based on feedback from its passionate community of players.

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