EA Teases its Return on Steam

October 28, 2019
EA Teases its Return on Steam

Something’s steaming in EA’s office.

Recently, we've seen some evidence that Electronic Arts might be soon back on Steam. And now, EA has posted a cryptic tweet on its Twitter which further suggests that this might happen soon.

The tweet doesn’t have a title, just three dots. We can see a cup of tea or coffee with EA’s logo on it, and the beverage is so hot that it is steaming, hinting at Steam. Also, the color of the cup kind of resembles the color of Steam’s website, doesn’t it?

Therefore, this might be EA's subtle way of saying it'll soon put its games on Steam again. I mean, what other reason could there be for posting such a tweet?

As we all know, EA launched its own Origin service 8 years ago and it’s been releasing its games through it ever since. However, the fans weren’t so enthusiastic about it. Steam is still a lot more popular. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Origin will disappear. The most likely option is that EA might be planning to do with its launcher the same thing Ubisoft did with UPlay. So, you will probably still need the Origin launcher to run games on Steam. 

There is still no official confirmation of this, but EA’s tweet has certainly stirred up the gaming community.