EA Shows off Next-Gen Hair Rendering in the Frostbite Engine

May 23, 2019
EA Shows off Next-Gen Hair Rendering in the Frostbite Engine

EA and DICE gave us a brief look at their next-gen hair rendering in the latest Frostbite game engine. It’s a leap forward, but it does feel a bit off.

Frostbite was first introduced in 2008 with Battlefield: Bad Company and since then is the workhorse of EA and DICE. It’s praised for its audio capabilities, destructible environments, and great graphics capabilities, so obviously that is what is being built upon.

As amazing as it looks, it is still a bit uncanny. Past the shoulders, it rests on the body in a weird and unnatural way. The animation of the hair also feels, for the lack of a better word, wrong. It’s hard to say exactly why, but it just feels like it’s not right.

Something that also has to be mentioned is that this is a tech-demo. The FPS you would get trying to render this in real time is probably abysmal. Even if you have a high-end configuration, you will surely notice a drop in FPS.

It’s a step in the right direction for making realistic hair in games, but at the moment, it’s not quite there. Currently, it’s in the uncanny valley area of realism. There are more reveals to come and you can visit EA's website to read more about it.