EA Reportedly Cancelled Another Star Wars Game Last Year

February 24, 2020
EA Reportedly Cancelled Another Star Wars Game Last Year

Cancellations of Star Wars games seems to be a very common thing, and the latest is a Star Wars Battlefront spin-off by EA.

The canceled game was supposed to be released in 2020 and is only known by its codename, Viking. Viking was a shooter meant to launch with the next-gen consoles, but that’s all we know about it.

Six insiders reached out to Kotaku to talk about the now canceled Star Wars game. According to the report, Viking got stuck in a development loop and got canceled because it wasn’t going anywhere.

EA Vancouver worked on designs and prototypes when Criterion joined the development process. Criterion was in charge, but it was difficult for two studios to work on a single game from different countries.

On the brightside, there are rumors of two different Star Wars games still in development, a Fallen Order sequel by Respawn, and a smaller Star Wars game by EA Motive. There’s also talks of a KOTOR reboot, which is definitely a nice idea.