EA Games Might be Heading Back to Steam

October 24, 2019
EA Games Might be Heading Back to Steam

Ever since Electronic Arts released its own gaming service Origin in 2011, it removed its games from Steam. However, now it seems like EA Games could be heading back to Steam again soon. At least with some of their older games such as Dragon Age 2 and The Saboteur.

Twitter user @RobotBrush shared a screenshot on which we can see a test application for running Origin games on Steam. This could mean that EA might be planning to allow people to buy and run the games on Steam, but they will still need to use the Origin launcher.


Ubisoft did something similar with Uplay, where you have to go through the Uplay game launcher in order to run the titles on Steam.

Another piece of evidence is that, according to SteamDB, someone played The Saboteur between October 20 and 21. Also, SteamDB shows that Dragon Age 2, which was on Steam in the past but now isn't, is been getting the database and package updates; the last update happened on October 15.

EA hasn't made an official announcement for now, but it certainly looks like it's planning its return on Steam.