EA creates high-end broadcast studio for competitive play

March 18, 2019
EA creates high-end broadcast studio for competitive play

Electronic Arts has unveiled its brand new competitive gaming studio in Redwood City, California, that will serve as their main stage for esports in the future.

The broadcast centre is a multi-million dollar investment in competitve play and EA's push as both a media broadcaster and content creation company.

The studio is split into the main stage with audience seating and a players lounge. The studio is equiped with dozens of screens and monitors, spectator cameras and a shoutcaster desk with built-in monitors. The lounge is also covered in cameras and michropnes so no moment goes unseen.

Probably the only thing more impressive is the control room which is digital broadcast and linear TV ready.

This was a logical move, since EA has previously built stages and hired third-party companies to do the production only for them to tear down what was built when production is done. The studio is a pricey investment, but a good investment in the long run.