EA Believes Cloud Gaming Will Bring a Billion More Players

November 27, 2019
EA Believes Cloud Gaming Will Bring a Billion More Players

Between such giants as Google, Microsoft, and Sony, it’s easy to forget that other companies would like to join in, such as EA with Project Atlas.

Project Atlas is still in its very early testing phase, but they are keeping expectations realistic and they don’t consider it a competitor to Stadia, xCloud, and PS Now.

Ken Moss, EA’s CTO, recently spoke to GamesIndustry.biz about the companies views on cloud gaming and their expectations. The most interesting of views being that they don’t want to compete with the bigger services and that they believe cloud gaming will bring in a billion new people into gaming.

This being proven by a large amount of EA’s games being announced to join xCloud at X019.

"We definitely do not see it that (we're competitors)," Moss told GamesIndustry.biz. "That is really not our goal. We haven't announced exact next steps on what we're doing with ours. We are pushing it, but I view it as actually part of our strategy -- bringing our games out to the cloud and taking the learnings back to our studios, giving us the information on how we need to evolve our core platforms like Frostbite and our services platform and AI. That's what we are doing. We're not at all interested in competing on platforms."

Most developers believe that cloud gaming is the future and that it is worth investing in it. So it makes sense that EA wants to have a strong relationship with xCloud.

"Our partnership with Microsoft is a big deal. We're really excited that they are believers in cloud gaming and that they're pushing hard. Our own investment is also a big deal to us. They are helping us get very direct learning. They're natural extensions of work we have done in the past with things like Origin. They allow us to have this direct connection with players, and frankly we're just scratching the surface. You should expect us to actually look to partner a lot more than we have in the past."

It will be interesting to see what their new partner will be, especially since EA already made its way back to Steam.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that even though EA has a huge catalogue of games to offer in their service, they also don’t have the infrastructure that Google and Microsoft have. So it will be interesting to see how Project Atlas will take shape around this problem.

What are your thoughts, how long before cloud gaming picks up and is the market already becoming oversaturated?