DStars and City of Padua Partnering, Nintendo Joins as Sponsor

January 22, 2020
DStars and City of Padua Partnering, Nintendo Joins as Sponsor

The DStars Awards are going bigger and better in 2020. The event is renewing its partnership with the city of Padua, and Nintendo joins the long list of sponsors.

The DStars Awards had a successful 2019, even being included by The Italian Ministry of Culture among cultural excellence in Italy. Both The City Council of Padua and The Chambers of Commerce will be patrons of the event once again, underlining the importance of the videogames industry for the local administration as a sample of the growing interest the city is giving to videogames, as it continues to grow.

With over 120 companies currently operating in all aspects of game development in Italy, the Italian game industry is one of the youngest and most vibrant in the world and DStars is an award, created by the developers community for the developers community, to celebrate Italian games industry professionals as well as their creative talent, leadership and business acumen skills.

The DStars Awards 2020 will also be sponsored by Nintendo, which strongly supported indie developers and local communities since the launch of Nintendo Switch, through events such as the Indie Summit.