Dreadlands - Post-Apocalyptic Online Turn-Based Game

April 3, 2019
Dreadlands - Post-Apocalyptic Online Turn-Based Game

Dreadlands is a new turn-based skirmish game set in a living post-apocalyptic shared world. Explore Dreadlands by traveling across its many regions with your misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries. The game is set in a Shared World where players frequently encounter and interact with each other. Sometimes they cooperate, other times they pick fights in bloody PvP battles.

Build your gang from any of the distinctly different factions inhabiting Dreadlands. Level up and unlock new spectacular tactics to use on the battlefield. Manage your base by purchasing upgrades. And find unique artifacts to combine into new powerful gear.

Dreadlands will try to bring together elements of MMO games with turn-based gameplay and let players quickly jump between PvP and PvE in a large shared world. It sounds like an interesting concept, even though it is hard to imagine such a concept.

More information and a preview will be made available at EGX Rezzed (4-6 April)

You can find it on Steam and sign up for the newsletter on their official website.