Doughlings: Invasion - A Tribute to an Arcade Classic

July 16, 2019
Doughlings: Invasion - A Tribute to an Arcade Classic

After Xbox One, Doughlings: Invasion will be released for PlayStation 4 and Steam on August 1st.

From the Hero Concept team, another tribute paid to yet another arcade classic - Doughlings: Invasion promises a fun gaming experience to PC and console gamers of all ages with the innovations it brings to the shooting genre.

In Doughlings: Invasion, the second game of the series, the story continues right where it left off. This time our hero Morpheus arms himself to defend his people from alien invaders. The shapeshifting hero Morpheus is ready for battle with his unique personas all armed to the teeth.

Varieties of raving space invaders and challenging end of the level bosses are all waiting in line for you. Throughout the game, you will acquire untold powers by modifying your DNA and make life miserable for those unwelcome space invaders with your Show Off powers.

Bringing back the arcade spirit of the ’80s and with its comic book style visuals, the Doughlings universe is coming alive for the second time while carrying on with its tradition of pop culture references.

It's Space Invaders, how could you not enjoy it?