Donate to OSD and Xbox Will Match Your Donation

February 12, 2020
Donate to OSD and Xbox Will Match Your Donation

OSD is a charity that helps military veterans get back into civilian life, and anything you donate, Xbox will match to help out.

Xbox announced a charitable event in which they will match every donation made to OSD up to $250.000 until the end of March. OSD helps veterans integrate back into civilian life through community engagement. They do this through therapies, family outings, physical recreation, and gaming.

If you were wondering what your donation will be used for, there’s a helpful paragraph on the donation page explaining just that.

"Your donations will help impact deployed troops around the globe and provide much-needed morale boosts to those who wear the uniform in the form of video games, tabletop games, coffee and more! State-side your generosity will outfit gear and activations for more than 50 OSD partnered recreation and community centers for thousands of active military, veterans and their families."

The charitable event just began, and it’s currently just shy of $500. Gamers and streamers are encouraged to register and share the event. If you don’t want to register, you can still drop a donation and help out.

If the Xbox challenge is completed, a total of $500.000 will be donated to OSD through it.