Documentary-Adventure Game, Kursk, Has a Big Discount on Steam

March 26, 2019
Documentary-Adventure Game, Kursk, Has a Big Discount on Steam
Image source: jujubee S.A. Kursk

Polish developer Jujubee S.A. has just announced that their documentary-adventure game Kursk has just received a -60% discount on Steam. The offer ends on April 1.

Kursk is the first ever adventure and documentary video game inspired by real events. You assume the role of a spy who finds a way on the Russian nuclear submarine K-141 Kursk. Your task is to collect secret information about the revolutionary Shkval supercavitating torpedoes. While trying to complete your mission, you become witness to the dramatic events which shook the world at that time.

•Experience the history of the fateful voyage of K-141 KURSK that ended at the bottom of the Barents Sea.
•See through the first person perspective the fascinating world of 2000’s Moscow, Vidyayevo and the incredibly detailed Oscar II-class submarine.
•Walk the fine line between gathering secret information, getting to know important people and getting caught spying.
•Get to know the crew of Kursk submarine, maintain essential relationships and make decisions that have a long-lasting impact.
•A new sub-category for Jujubee's products characterized by a greater emphasis on the story being told, original gameplay, and mature subject matter.